Imaging Services

Imaging Services

Are you looking for the right company to handle your document conversion project?
Providing elite information technology services, we have the experience to find the most cost effective method to convert your existing paper documents to electronic form.

Journal and Periodical Digital Library Publishing Service
Put your back issues on the web or searchable CD-ROM!

Turnkey document archival and delivery systems
We can turn your documents into a fully searchable network or CD based document delivery system. Perfect for litigation support.

High Volume Document Scanning
Up to 600 dpi, black and white, 400 dpi grayscale, or color. We can produce almost any common format. We offer deskewing, despeckling, and other image processing that can make the scanned image even better than the original.

Non-destructive Book and Document Digitizing (New!)
Efficient yet high quality imaging of rare and valuable books with our 600 dpi face-up book scanner.

Acrobat PDF and DjVu conversion
Want to put your documents on the web? Let us help you choose the right solution!

Large Format Scanning
Engineering drawings, newspapers, and maps up to E size.

OCR / Key Entry / Word Processing
Using OCR and Key Entry, we bring your documents back to life. We convert to MS Word, HTML, Excel, ASCII, and various database input formats. See our OCR page for more information. Also see our MS Word Conversion sample page.

Data format conversion
Do you have large quantities of data in one format, but need it in another? We specialize in recovering useful data from unusual sources, such as damaged database files, or files specific to software that is no longer available, or files that have very little structure.

Conversions to HTML
We can convert your text, word processor, or spreadsheet files to HTML. If you've tried automatic conversion tools, you know that they only do part of the job. We even do complex tables!

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Digital Library FAQ

Q:   Why should I convert my journals or periodicals to electronic form?
A:   Converting your paper journals to digital form will enable you to fully realize their value. The power of the web, CDROM, and search technology have made this the best time to take advantage of what you already have.

Q:   How might we make use of digitized journals?
A:   For most customers, we create a turn-key, ready to sell, CD-ROM or DVD library set. For others, we create electronic articles for use in an entirely automated reprint/back issue service available free to members and for a fee to others.

Q:   What features does Elite Imaging Services provide in a digital library?
A:   Common features in our projects are:

  • Boolean search by full text, title, author, date and other fields.
  • Easy to use web browser interface
  • High quality/low cost reproduction of color, graphics, and photos.
  • Linked HTML contents pages and author and subject indicies.
  • Multi-CDROM searching
  • Win/Mac/Unix/Linux portability

Q:   Is producing a digital library from paper cost-effective?
A:Customers have reported that our projects have paid for themselves in a matter of months.

Q:   Can we see samples?
A:Yes. We'll provide samples from past projects, and produce samples from your publication. Give us something challenging, then ask our competitors to do the same.